Acting Demo Reel

People ask me all the time… “How’d you get into music?”. Truth is, I’ve been acting longer than I’ve been writing songs. I moved back to Philly a year after college to pursue an intership at the Prince Music Theater. I bartended/served at night to make ends meet and randomly began playing music out live at bars instead (thanks Sean Coyle and Rob Vigg). Funny how things work out. I still act… which is partly the answer to the other question I get most often… “What the hell do you do during the day?!”. Here’s an updated highlight reel to give you a look into that side of my career.

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MyFixitUpLife with Mark and Theresa

I’ve been lucky enough to travel the country many times over – performing to thousands of people – as the “house band” and live show producer for the multi-media show MyFixitUpLife.  Thanks to the hosts Mark and Theresa, I’ve been featured on The Food Network, have worked on and played for several Extreme Makeover: Home Edition builds, and forged a relationship with the town of Joplin, MO.  Here’s my song, “My Fix It Up Life”, inspired by this awesome couple!